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Is there a cure for the widespread disillusionment with politics around the world? By returning the focus of politics to the community it serves, there may be a chance. Press play to learn:

  • What the process of sortition includes
  • How folks from different sides of the aisle on a topic can find a space to discuss
  • The benefits of deliberative democracy in business

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Rich Rippin, the Project Manager at the Sortition Foundation, shares his work bringing about change in political organizations around the globe through community activism.

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Politics is a strongly gate-kept and divided process, not allowing much space for discussion. However, promoting community discourse and returning the focus to fostering conversation promotes a new focus on accessibility.

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Government is not the only place deliberative democracy works, though.

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By implementing these strategies in corporations and businesses as well, new solutions can be found, and the wisdom of the crowd can prosper.

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