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Is natural selection as natural as it once was?

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Despite what we may think, natural selection, as laid out by Darwin, has little resemblance to mutations happening today.

Listen up to learn:

  • What governs underlying change in our DNA
  • Advances in the understanding of evolution and biology
  • Why biotech can be a complex field to experiment in

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Steve Gullans, the author of Evolving Ourselves, shares his research in biotech and the world on how humans are changing the course of evolution.

Darwinian concepts of natural selection have long been the gold standard for how we think of evolution.

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However, humans are significantly altering the course of evolution through means we could have never seen on the horizon in Darwin’s time.

Biotech holds countless new opportunities to take control of evolution and leave it in the hands of the individual. However, since biotech is a challenging field to research and test, we must be patient and wait for the great leap.

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Check out Evolving Ourselves to learn more!

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