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How can early detection and regular monitoring of breast health play a significant role in the severity of breast cancer? The earlier cancer can be detected, a significant possibility emerges that an early understanding can benefit the patient when treatment begins.

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Listen in to learn:

  • How heterogeneity impacts various tumors
  • If chemotherapy is contributing to tumors in specific ways
  • How early-stage testing can save lives

Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and member of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Kornelia Polyak, shares her research on the monitoring and preventing breast cancer.

Through understanding why and when an individual gets breast cancer, better treatment techniques may become available, and prevention methods can be uncovered. In addition, through a deeper understanding of cause and early behavior, the next stages of treatment and prevention research can progress.

The location of tumors and the environment within the body can play a significant part in determining the heterogeneity of cancer.

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This level of heterogeneity is one of the defining characteristics of how to treat and prevent tumors.

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