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“This is one of the biggest stories ever,” says T. Colin Campbell.

What story is he talking about?

The one that offers clear evidence of a safe, natural, and effective way to reverse cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Tune in to discover:

  • Whether there is a difference between the protein from pasture-fed animals and feedlot animals
  • How taste preferences can change powerfully over a relatively short period of time
  • Hidden sources of animal protein that you may not even know you consume
  • Why most vegans still develop some of the same diseases as non-vegans and non-vegetarians

T. Colin Campbell grew up on a farm, which meant growing up on dairy and animal meat. His doctoral dissertation was on the importance of animal protein consumption, and he even led a program in the Philippines aimed at helping malnourished children by providing them with quality animal proteins.

His belief was firm, and in line with the rest of the nutritional science community: malnourishment results from inadequate amounts of quality protein from animal sources.

But in reality, he encountered evidence which completely challenged this position: the Filipino children who were consuming animal protein like those in the Western world were at a higher risk of developing liver cancer. Animal studies showed the same thing: animals who consumed animal protein were more susceptible to the rapid growth of liver cancer.

Campbell was faced with a dilemma: would he move forward with all the work he’d already promoted, or back up and carefully re-examine the evidence? He chose the latter, and received plenty of NIH funding to study whether animal protein really does cause cancer.

The answer? An emphatic “Yes,” says Campbell. He has since published extensively on the topic and even served on government policy boards.

“The further I got into this story and learned so much about it—not just about animal protein itself but also about the entire medical system and the way we actually tell the public the information we tell them—the more I realized there’s a serious problem here,” says Campbell.

Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are just a few of the diseases that can be treated and altogether reversed through a whole foods, plant-based diet.

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