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How can diagnostic accuracy benefit both patient and physician alike? If breast cancer is diagnosed precisely and accurately the first time, treatment can be much more effective. Press play to learn:

  • How various types of breast cancer be differentiated
  • How some lesions may be more lethal than others
  • What makes cancer act differently in various tissues 

Sandy Borowsky, Doctor and researcher at the UC Davis Center for Comparative Medicine, describe their work with diagnosing breast cancer and its accuracy.

By utilizing various categorization and detection techniques, specific breast cells can be determined as the culprit for breast cancer. Due to the highly variable nature of breast cancer, this diagnostic technique allows for a more targeted treatment and therapeutic path.

The level of variation may even warrant breast cancer being treated as a set of almost ten different diseases. Each form offers its own risk, with some slipping under the body’s radar and others directly fighting the immune response.

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