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Adel Djellouli holds a Ph.D. in applied physics and works in the Bertoldi Lab at Harvard. His work revolves around fascinating concepts, including fluid mechanics, applied physics, nanotechnology, and metamaterials.

Adel Djellouli’s most recent endeavor involves the development of a revolutionary ‘intelligent fluid’—a metafluid that can be precisely programmed to exhibit specific responses. This cutting-edge innovation holds immense potential for a wide array of applications and marks a significant advancement in the field.

Tune in to explore:

  • The difference between a metamaterial and metafluid
  • How tiny rubber spheres are used to make programmable fluid
  • How ultrasound—the same tool used in medicine—can be used to stimulate movement of programmable fluids
  • Changeable parameters to create specific properties in metafluid
  • Applications of this technology in helmets, smartphones, and more

Interested in learning more?

Press play and check out nature_adel.pdf (

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