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Finally, you can take a deep breath in and relax…knowing you’ve also taken the lowest efficacious dose of your medicine, with less worry over adverse events. And it’s all thanks to a company called TFF Pharmaceuticals.

Press play to learn:

  • What specific problem TFF technology solves in terms of drug metabolism and systemic absorption
  • How TFF technology can be applied to the area of vaccines
  • Whether TFF technology could be used with cannabinoids as an alternative to vaping

Glenn Mattes has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over forty years now, and for the past four years, has served as CEO of TFF Pharmaceuticals, a Thin Film Freezing technology platform that can improve the properties of drug formulation, delivery, and administration while maintaining efficacy and avoiding many adverse events associated with other drug therapies.

The Thin Film Freezing technology uses flash freezing to capture pharmaceutical drugs in a highly active state and convert them into highly concentrated powders. These powders can then be put into a capsule and inhaler device, allowing for administration directly into the lungs. Since the lung is an ideal organ for drug metabolism and distribution throughout the body, lower doses of the drug can be used to achieve the same or better efficacy with lower incidence of adverse events.

Other substances being formulated at TFF Pharmaceuticals can be inhaled through the nose, and in the works is a formulation that can be applied to the eyes or skin.

Mattes explains the science behind this technique, including the details of how and why it works, and the specific ways in which it can be applied.

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