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Dive into the world of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with Kyle Smith as we explore how metrics can steer your business towards success. Tailored for legal professionals, this podcast equips law firms with proven tactics to enhance revenue streams, streamline costs, optimize tax strategies, and more…

Kyle is a CPA and Partner at Strata Cloud Accountants who passionately helps small and medium-sized businesses thrive. He graduated from UT McCombs School of Business, where he studied finance and fell in love with Austin, TX. Working with clients across an array of industries, Kyle is on a mission to build a valuable, first-class advisory experience for every individual he works with.

Join in now to learn about:

  • The origins of Strata Cloud Accountants.
  • Industry-wide data related to the KPIs of law firms.
  • Outliers that can affect the margins of different types of legal cases.
  • How inflation impacts the erosion of margins.

Ready to supercharge your business? Click here to find out more about Kyle and his work with Strata Cloud Accountants now!

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