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How can bacteria that have become resistant to treatment be overcome? Using genome engineering may be the technique that allows treatment to overcome the infection once again.

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  • How bacteria become resistant
  • How the virome reacts to gaining resistance
  • How bacteria avoid the immune system

Gaetan Burgio, a group leader of the Burgio Group as a part of Australia National University, shares his experience working with AMR bacteria.

Some bacteria may build resistance to any treatments or antibiotics over time through mutation or other genomic changes. However, CRISPR techniques have allowed researchers to pinpoint how a bacterium is resistant and alter it at a genomic level.

By evaluating how these bacteria have become resistant and how the microbiome changes, we can determine how various phages affect virulence. Evading the immune system is the primary mode of resistance, and by lowering virulence, it will remain undetected within the body, avoiding an immune reaction.

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