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Is there something in the water? Or are there many different types of things in the water, depending on the source and location of the water…?

Explore the answer, and learn:

  • What factors are impacting the chemical profile of your water
  • How the team at Hydroviv is able to customize water filters for specific customers
  • Why testing a sample of water in a given area or home isn’t the best method for determining which contaminants are present

“Water across the United States is different, and we believe at Hydroviv that the filter should actually match the water,” says CEO, Eric Roy. He elaborates on how significant these differences are, and why.

It’s a labor-intensive task, but Hydroviv is doing it: Every time a customer submits an order through their website, a team of scientists begins investigating the water that is consumed by that specific customer, and building point-of-use filters that are optimized for it.

Customers are pleased—almost universally so.

Visit  to get one of your own.

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