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Curious about the pandemic’s impact on the housing finance system? This podcast has the answers. Richard Koss takes listeners through every element, translating the global housing watch into an understandable format.

Listeners will learn

  • How his company puts large housing market data sets online for the sake of transparency,
  • How the cyclical and structural elements of the housing market responded to the pandemic, and
  • What he sees in the next six months regarding real estate and the importance of emerging markets and world finances.

Richard Koss is the Chief Research Officer at Recursion, a company in the big data mortgage finance field. They take enormous data sets related to the mortgage market and place that data in the cloud. Then, as part of what they call “data democratization,” they provide digital tools that allow interested users to access that data to supplement policy or inform trading practices or research strategies. He says the lack of transparency before 2008 was part of the problem that lead to the global financial crisis. The importance of housing finance transparency was not lost on Recursion’s founders. 

As a data expert, he’s also in a great position to help listeners get a handle on today’s housing market and better understand the economics of global housing solutions. He explains in clear and accessible language what the market has looked like since March in structural and cyclical terms, addressing the labor and housing struggles.

He explains that housing trends look a little like the 60s—we’re seeing flight out of the city into the suburbs and exurbs. The big question is how long this will persist. He tells listeners what predictions the banks, big companies, and financial lenders are betting on but gives enough information to help listeners come to their own conclusions. Listen in for some great insights into current directions of housing markets.

For more about his company and their take on housing markets, see

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