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Connel Fullenkamp is a professor of economics at Duke University who conducts research on financial markets, including their development, failure, and the regulations put on them.

Tune in to discover:

  • In what ways the impacts of COVID-19 could change the dynamic of the US as a whole
  • Which countries might serve as bellwethers for financial recovery and the handling of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Why it is important to distinguish between bankruptcy and liquidation, especially given the current economic climate

How and why do financial markets around the world develop or fail to develop? How are financial markets impacted by regulations, and are there ways to design better regulations that will foster financial market growth and overall economic development? These are a few of the questions at the center of Fullenkamp’s research.

He shares his insight on these topics and more, including what governments around the world can do to develop stock and bond markets, problems with investing in bonds, and under what circumstances stock markets fail to actually improve economies by failing to fund new companies.

Fullenkamp also discusses what has happened to money markets around the world as an indirect consequence of COVID-19, what sort of financial crisis may be triggered by the recent tremendous loss of small businesses, the equity market in Japan and the US, how the commercial real estate market has been impacted by COVID-19, the recent stock splits at Apple and Tesla, and so much more.

Check out to learn more.

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