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“Nothing replicates with nucleic acid and evolves through natural selection and is not alive, so I think it’s time for viruses to join the pantheon of life,” says Dr. White, bringing a fresh perspective to the topic of whether viruses should be considered living or nonliving.

Press play to learn why he says viruses are “perfect” parasites, and to explore the following:

  • How viruses get sick
  • Who’s winning the battle against multidrug-resistant organisms, and the critical role viruses play
  • What allows a virus to transfer genetic information without replicating itself
  • In what way phages have exhibited protective mechanisms for the host and interact with the host immune response

Dr. Richard Allen White III is a virologist and the owner of Raw Molecular Systems (RMS), LLC. His current work is focused on diagnostics and biotherapeutics to combat COVID-19, as well as repurposing bacteriophage to tackle multidrug resistance.

He provides unique insight on a handful of compelling questions about viruses, which leads to a discussion of how viruses take over the host’s macrophages and trigger cell-to-cell infection, a phage Vibrio that’s triggered by a quorum-sensing molecule, viral modification and what it means, virus and host cell interactions, viral evolution and how a virus changes over time, viral tropism, current treatments for the rabies virus, how viruses hold the key to wiping out the growing threat of multidrug-resistant organisms, and more.

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