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Veronica Parks is a Soul Healer, Wellness Coach, and founder of VP Exclusive. She teaches people to bio hack their mind and body to live healthier, happier lives. Using a holistic approach, VP Exclusive uses proprietary methodologies and proven systems to increase emotional wellbeing and dramatically improve people’s lives. Growing up on a small farm In Moldova, Veronica Parks has brought with her a culture of Health, Nutrition and Soul Healing. She has deep expertise in Integrative Nutrition, Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Energy Healing and many other modalities using it to help people heal from the inside out.

When she first came to America from Romania, one of the hardest things for Veronica Parks to adjust to was the food. Her healthy foundation from childhood helped her persevere and she shares lessons on health and wellness in this episode.

Listeners will learn

  • Why emotional pain can lead to unhealthy eating,
  • What can be hiding behind that “natural flavors” label, and
  • What are other health and wellness tips, including how to make the healthiest green smoothie.

Wellness coach Veronica Parks helps listeners understand differences between Eastern European diets versus U.S. diets. The relationship between food and culture differs in the U.S. with our large amounts of processed and fast food. Furthermore, she grew up on a farm and experienced homegrown produce and home-raised meats from day one. Her mother also paid attention to the what she bought and didn’t bring home processed foods. This gave Veronica a solid base to analyze the American diet and she turned to additional research when she noticed the effects of processed foods on her own health. 

She offers several valuable insights to listeners, from food culture around the world to nutrition and green smoothie recipes. She even addresses the emotional impact on diet, reminding us that we want something that makes us think of childhood when we face “emotional hits,” and if that’s processed food, the cycle is harmful. She also tells listeners about confusing labels like “natural flavors,” which often hides harmful toxins.

Finally, she explains her own coaching process with specific examples of how she’s helped past clients overcome obstacles and internalize the importance of wellness.

For more about Veronica Parks and her different programs, see her website:

“Living Green Smoothie” recipes-

“Ultimate Sleep System” course-

“Healthy Hacks” 8 week health transformation-

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