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Samantha Gladish, author and holistic wellness coach ( delivers a wealth of information about holistic health and holistic wellness.

As a longtime sufferer of various health issues, Gladish battled blood sugar levels, mood swings, poor digestion, and troublesome gut health, as well as tremendous PMS cramping and bloating. She endured numerous bouts with devastating migraines and day to day headaches, and she set out on a path to heal herself. Currently, Gladish is healing from autoimmune Hashimoto’s, and sharing her success path with others so they can also find healing solutions.

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Gladish discusses her background and her early love for nutritious foods, exercise, and healthy living.

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But in spite of her early knowledge, she found her health was suffering. By taking things into her own hands, she studied nutrition in detail, and ditched unnatural pills in an effort to find a path back to great health. She discusses the problems with birth control pills, and the health issues and side effects that are not often talked about. And she talks about various studies that have linked the birth control pill to estrogen dominant cancers. She explains in detail how the taking of synthetic hormones changes the way a woman’s body produces estrogen and progesterone. As she explains, maintaining the proper fertility is important, regardless of whether a woman wants to become pregnant or not.

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Gladish’s programs incorporate many facets of healthy living, including healthy recipes and food choices which can assist with weight loss and health improvements.

Gladish continues by discussing various health conditions that have incredible alternative solutions for healing, but how the mainstream medical community may not always consider these healthy alternatives. She discusses vitamins and medications, and the importance of studying root cause medicine, and how we need to look deeper for the origins of medical problems in order to truly eradicate them or relieve them.

Gladish has over fifteen years in the health and wellness field and she has worked with women in more than 30 countries worldwide. She is a sought-after consultant and coach.

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