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WTZ Blockchain College is currently the second largest blockchain content producer in China, with over 26,000 online views per day. They are focused on delivering the guts and glory of the industry with stories on all things blockchain.

Co-Founder, Xueyuan She, shares the fascinating story of WTZ, the founder of WTZ Blockchain College and how it all began. WTZ, (the person, not the company), was a college drop-out, just looking to start a successful business like anyone would. Long story short, that venture didn’t pan out and so he began a journey of couch-surfing and self discovery.

Soon enough, WTZ had accumulated some wealth and started investing in cryptocurrency. Before he knew it, he had made some healthy earnings. He then started a diary and record of what the crypto was doing and later decided to publish it. Of this great idea, WTZ Blockchain College was born. Recently they also added video content, where viewers send in footage and it is published and provides a platform for comments.

WTZ College has come a long way from the couch surfing, diary days. Today they now rank as one of the top content producers of crypto insider info in China sharing tips and suggestions on investment strategies, first hand feedback from bitcoin miners, war-stories from beyond the crypto grave and more.

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