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ZED is helping small to medium sized MTOs compete with larger remittance services by providing solutions to key problems.

The three most common challenges facing smaller MTOs are issues due to banking, technology, and cash flow. ZED Network provides a fully compliant and KYC verified crypto currency that is secure and designed to reduce transaction friction costs.

CEO and founder Alan Safahi knows the problems facing smaller MTOs because he also runs one in Canada. With that valuable insight, ZED zeros in on solutions to provide clients access to blockchain technology that maximizes security and limits risk. In addition, ZED provides critical technical support because many smaller MTOs do not have an IT department.

Safahi points out that most smaller MTOs are constantly “worried about their banking relationships” and are afraid that banks will drop MTOs in an effort to reduce risk. With that in mind. Safahi created ZED to provide a new SaaS platform specifically designed to support small to medium sized MTOs.


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