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One of the more overlooked but still highly important parts of the body is the skin microbiome. Though there are less types of organisms present in the skin microbiome than in other microbiomes, it still plays a role in conditions such as acne, rosacea, detgrmatitis, aging, dandruff, and more.

S-Biomedic is currently concentrating their research on the specific part of the skin biome located inside hair follicles, in order to find effective treatments for acne. Because acne is a condition that is impacted by multiple factors, current mainstream solutions are not very effective–most either rely on compounds that are overly harsh, or antibiotics, overuse of which causes antibiotic resistance. S-Biomedic is currently testing a variety of solutions, such as creams and tonics, in human trials for safety and efficacy.

S-Biomedic has other projects that they are working on, in both the same field and in cosmetics, though it is still too early to release further details. Marc also discusses the differences between the microbiome in various parts of the body, and interesting trends and new information they have discovered through their research.

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