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“These banks are losing their profits … it’s not like it used to be…  So they’re looking at other products and services, and that’s where we come in.

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That’s why the industry is looking at providing these services… the demand is there,” says William Santiago, offering his unique insight on the burgeoning trend of some Caribbean financial institutions toward blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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As one of the founders of WKS Information Technologies (WKSIT), Santiago helps to provide a variety of services to investors and companies looking for new opportunities within what he calls the “21st century ecommerce payment system.” Among others, these services include cloud computing, IT architecture design, cyber security and crypto asset guidance. It’s “basically the 101 in crypto,” says Santiago. But he and the rest of the team at WKSIT have the knowledge and experience to extend far beyond the basics.

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Santiago also discusses:

  • What he believes to be the three pillars for embracing E-Commerce
  • The nature of the difficulties faced by companies looking to make the change toward cryptocurrency, the reasons behind making the change and the ways in which WKSIT can assist
  • His opinion on the role of Bitcoin going forward

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