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There are currently six billion people living in poverty around the world.

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Many others want to be able to improve their lives through investment opportunities, but either doesn’t have the ability to invest as much as large institutions or don’t know how to start. Wealth Migrate aims to solve both of these problems and close the wealth gap by connecting individuals to commercial investment opportunities in Australia, England, and the United States for as little as $100, and hopefully in the future for just $1.

Through the Wealth Migrate platform, individuals can look at different commercial properties in traditionally safer markets such as multi-family apartments or medical buildings, and will receive quarterly returns proportional to the amount of their investment.

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Over the last 18 months, Wealth Migrate has moved their operations to the blockchain, in order to provide users with a foundation of trust in the platform. Since then, they have facilitated billion in investments (over 0 billion overall since they first began in 2013), and have investors from 46 countries around the world.

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They plan to launch their first ICO, the WealthECoin, in early February 2018 to give their users the ability to make investments, access educational resources, build and engage with a community, and more.

For more information about their platform, visit For more information about their ICO, visit For more information about their goal of reducing the wealth gap, visit

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