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The trucking industry as it exists today is both ubiquitous and highly inefficient, with problems ranging from empty trucks and idle shipments to the inefficient way that shipments are tracked while they are en route to their final destination.

Transfix aims to solve both of those problems, by creating a two-part commerce platform, a mobile app for drivers and a web application for customers that need items shipped, that does two things.

First, it matches drivers with empty trucks to shipments that need to be moved through the platform. Second, it allows for real-time tracking of shipments as they move across the country and sends alerts when drivers are delayed. This not only allows for more efficient transportation of goods but will save companies money on tracking and shipping costs.

Transfix is currently focused on scaling their platform, in order to be able to create more value for both truck drivers and companies, and are hoping to expand to Mexico in the near future.

Ultimately, Transfix hopes to become a true commerce platform by expanding into other methods of shipping goods around the world.

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