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Each faculty member of Singularity University has a different background. Barry O’Reilly focuses on the impact of new technologies, particularly in regards to the social impact they can have and has his own business coaching business executives on how to adopt tech in their companies, and leverage new tech to grow both their business and their teams.

He says that initial discussions of new technologies are often met with caution and skepticism, but that do the right way, technology can help create data that can inform more efficient and beneficial business decisions, and overall change the world for the better.

Barry discusses the effects of social media on this space, examples of how new technologies can augment or displace traditional business structures, and the challenge and necessity of being able to quickly re-train workers with the new skills and competencies that the changing technological landscape requires.

He also discusses the changes that he already sees happening in the fintech industry, thanks to the blockchain, and the relative advantages of both start-ups and large established companies.

For more information, or to get in touch with Barry O’Reilly directly, visit

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