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Dr. Charlton Woodly, founder of Woodly Foot & Ankle (, delivers an informative overview of the many problems, injuries, conditions, and treatments for feet and ankles. Dr. Woodly is a seasoned, board-certified podiatrist with over 14 years of experience in surgical treatment, a sought-after specialist in minimally invasive procedures and a HyProCure Master Surgeon. Dr. Woodly treats a vast array of foot and ankle conditions, including common injuries, sports injuries, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, toenail fungus, and more. And he has additional specialization in HyProCure, which has been proven to have an impact on the condition of flat feet by increasing motion and distributing weight throughout the entire foot. Dr. Woodly is an expert in platelet-rich plasma therapy to combat heel and ankle pain, as well as with dermal fillers that can replace natural foot cushioning that has been worn and degraded over time.

The foot and ankle expert discusses his early work in open surgical procedures that utilized large incisions, then screws and pins for holding bone in place. While the procedures worked effectively, Woodly was concerned that heal time was often long and that his patients experienced pain. He sought a better way and was motivated to begin bringing minimally invasive procedures to his patients, procedures that only required small incisions that could be performed during an office visit and were cost reducing as well. He discusses the techniques used for remodeling joints, anesthesia, and recovery times. With less cutting, less swelling, and less pain, the advantages are significant and patients are very pleased to have these more advanced surgical techniques as an option for them for a wide variety of foot and ankle problems and injuries.

Woodly explains the advantages of HyProCure, which is a minimally invasive procedure. HyProCure can be placed in the naturally occurring space between bones to immediately realign and stabilize the hindfoot. The procedure utilizes a titanium stent that helps to prevent foot rolling and hyperpronation that causes pain. He explains that the HyProCure procedure offers a successful alternative for people that can offer long-term improvement. He details the importance of stretching and proper shoes to further increase mobility and decrease issues.

Woodly provides insight into plantar fasciitis and the laser treatments that can provide relief by relaxing muscles in the back of the leg and decreasing inflammation. Additionally, the process reduces the need for cortisone injections, which as Woodly explains can be very painful for patients.

Woodly talks about his practice and how he tries to treat all patients the way he would want to be treated himself, thus he prides himself on thinking outside the box to provide techniques and procedures that allow his patients to have multiple options to solve their foot and ankle problems.

Dr. Woodly has a medical degree from New York College of Podiatric Medicine and completed his internship and residency at Gouverneur Healthcare Services and the Jacobi Medical Center, both within the city of New York. He is currently on staff at Weatherford Regional Medical Center in addition to his extensive work at Woodly Foot & Ankle, and he is a member of both the Texas Podiatric Medical Association and the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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