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Ravi Sahu, CEO, and founder of Strayos ( delivers a detailed analysis of the data revolution in the mining and civil engineering industries that is helping companies to safeguard jobsites, and save money by increasing efficiency. Sahu is a seasoned technology management executive with more than a decade of hands-on experience helping technology business models to respond to changing markets and their growing, diverse customer needs. He is a global executive and management professional who has collaborated with teams and held various leadership roles with a myriad of businesses and has successfully executed sizable IT engagements for many of his prestigious Fortune 500 clients. Sahu specializes in business advisory services and methods, strategic management, sales, pre-sales, growth strategy, competitive enablement, operations, and value creation strategies that can deliver strategic business outcomes.

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Globally educated, Sahu holds multiple degrees (MBA, BE) in computer science.

Strayos is a 3D computer vision and machine learning platform for the mining industry that seeks to optimize drilling and blasting operations. By using drone technology, etc. Strayos can assist industry leaders with drilling and blasting decisions by collecting data for analyzation and processing. Strayos’s data analytics software is designed to maximize the operational excellence within the civil engineering and mining industries. As Sahu states, mining is a costly industry but through the use of data analytics provided by Strayos’s software, managers can significantly reduce costs. The Strayos platform makes it possible to collect and upload images from any drone, and to generate orthomosaics, 3D Models, point clouds and digital surface models (DSM) from collected aerial data. Sahu details the need for precise calculations, such as geotechnical attributes, when considering drilling sites, and how access to the data in advance can greatly improve effectiveness. He expounds upon the rate and frequency of drilling and mining and how that is directly impacted by a particular industry’s current needs for materials, etc. He describes the benefits for job site automation and data analytics that Strayos’s platform can provide for any company in the civil engineering and mining fields.

The Strayos mission is to transform how the world is essentially discovered, designed, and digitized by aiding and empowering a job site’s workforce to deliver added value through powerful data. Strayos has significantly impacted the design and execution of blasting operations by optimizing efficiency, ensuring accuracy, and safeguarding job sites with shot planning and blast analytics tools. And for civil engineering, the Strayos platform enables builders to build with more confidence, offering valuable analytical tools within their zero-distortion dashboard that can track job progress with complete accuracy and make precise adjustments, which can save a lot of time and decrease costs by improving efficiency. Strayos enables the actionable intelligence from drone data that can impact nearly every aspect of operations.

The data expert discusses the cost-effectiveness of transportation services such as loading and hauling, from fuel costs to road grades and ramp designs, all which can have a significant impact on a company’s yearly bottom line. Sahu discusses the aspects of computer vision in regard to drilling and how drilling strategies can be adjusted based on deviations and new data as it comes in.

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Sahu states that the size of the data set will definitely impact the performance efficiency with regard to time.

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Ultimately, according to Sahu, his team’s mission is to find the areas in an industry where production is not optimized, or could use improvement, and implement their solutions to maximize and optimize every aspect of the process.

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