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Titan Health & Security Technology is connecting people who need help with the people nearest to them who can provide it. As a result, people are receiving emergency assistance quicker and without the delays and rerouted phone calls associated with dialing “911.” The Titan app allows users to receive help at the touch of a button by grabbing a user’s location and sending their data to all administrators, law enforcement agencies, and other emergency responders in their area. The Titan app has successfully reduced emergency response time by 50% and has already been utilized over 62 million times over the past year and a half.

In addition, the Titan app has an augmented reality feature that allows response teams to locate people who are sending emergency alerts, which has been life saving in the case of fires and floods where people are trapped and unable to escape. But that’s not all: the Titan app utilizes mesh networking so that device-to-device communication can continue in the absence of a network or Wi-Fi connection. With the ability to translate content in real time, the app is also breaking down language barriers that slow emergency response time.

“It’s really about showing people how they can connect with other people to reduce response time and get help when they need it, because in this day and age, it’s no longer a question of if you need help, it’s when you’re going to need help,” says VicMerjanian, CEO of Titan.

The app is currently designed for organizations in the education, government, and private sectors, but will become available for individuals in the near future. To learn more about what’s on the horizon for Titan, visit

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