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How can cancer be treated differently than how many others have accepted as standard?

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Gene therapy may be the solution to change the course of cancer treatment.

Listen in to learn:

  • The chances of getting cancer in your lifetime
  • How CAR-T therapy operates
  • How genetic therapies are limited

CEO of Poseida Therapeutics,Inc., Eric Ostertag, discusses his work to develop safe, single-treatment cures for cancer and other diseases.

Since cancer has a genetic basis for operation, gene therapy can be even more effective than the previously used viruses or other therapeutic techniques. Immuno-oncology is the bleeding edge of cancer treatment and has shown the most promising results in solid tumors.

Due to the genetic limitations of viral technology, it does not have the capacity for efficacy found in non-viral therapeutics.

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The next generation of CAR-T will have higher chances of not being thwarted by mutations and solid tumors.

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