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How can cattle be genetically enhanced to benefit the industry at large? Researchers may eliminate diseases and other ailments, and production may be made more efficient using genome editing methods.

Listen in to learn:

  • How accurate genetic predictions can be during breeding
  • Which portions of genes can be edited
  • How GMO products may cause harm

Extension Specialist and part of animal biotechnology and genomics at UC Davis, Alison Van Eenennaam, discusses her research using CRISPR Cas-9 to enhance livestock breeding.

By editing the genome of cattle in various industries, the preferable breeding results can be guaranteed, making the practice much more profitable and beneficial to the animal. For example, sex selection can ensure all female cows for dairy production, and all males can be guaranteed beef harvesting.

Agricultural systems can be made much more profitable, healthy, and efficient using animal genomics and implementing disease resistances. However, tradeoffs have been speculated in genetically modified products, but harm appears to remain reasonably low.

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