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What is “pro-social behavior” and the neurological basis behind it? Dr. Inbal Ben Ami Bartal joins the podcast today to lend her expertise to this fascinating research subject – drawing from her comprehensive background as a psychobiologist…

Dr. Bartal is interested in gaining insight into what leads to the complex behaviors that we see in humans, and she is using rats to study this phenomenon. As a faculty member at Tel-Aviv University’s Psychology Department and School of Neuroscience, she has spent over 15 years analyzing this intriguing and complex topic.

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In this episode, Dr. Bartal discusses:

  • How our biological and psychological systems contribute to complex behavior.
  • Her goal with this particular type of research.
  • The importance of gaining an understanding of the neurocircuitry that drives our social behavior.
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  • How governments contribute to the global trend of constraining social structures.
  • The ways in which rats can simplify complex human behavior.

How can we develop more effective strategies to enhance things like compassion and empathy? Perhaps looking at what motivates us on a biological level will allow us to find sustainable solutions to age-old social problems…

To connect with Dr. Bartal’s work for yourself, click here now!

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