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Our guest today is Brian Burzynski, the Founder and CEO of Intelligent Threads and expert recovery coach. With Intelligent Threads, Brian developed a new type of energy field that communicates with the muscular and skeletal system in order to provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, posture improvement, increased blood flow, and a plethora of other health benefits.

With over 20 years of practicing Synergy Release Method therapeutic services, Brian has helped countless patients find sustainable relief for their skeletal and muscular issues.

Could this technology be the future of relaxation and recovery?

Intelligent Threads, the most advanced wearable technology on the market. This revolutionary product releases the engaged muscles holding your body out of structural balance. The results are legendary, improving posture, sleep, and relaxation while decreasing pain. It produces results within seconds of wear. Tested over the past 7 years for maximum effectiveness in quality of life improvements.

Think about an 80% better REM and Deep Sleep per night. Try a patch, last for 7 days, and see for yourself. Visit For more discussions on Intelligent Threads please listen to the podcast “ It’s a Body Structure Thing” on Spotify and YouTube

    Join the podcast now to find out:

  • How Intelligent Threads is assisting patients in releasing tight muscles with wearable technology.
  • How energy fields can interact with the human body.
  • The importance of getting the body to “uncompensate” so it can return to its anatomically correct state.
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You can learn more about Brian and his work with Intelligent Threads by clicking here!

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