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What we put in our bodies greatly affects our overall health and wellness. With the industrialization of food production, healthy food has become harder and harder to come by. Fortunately, people like Blaine Hitzfield and his family are bringing humane and nutritious farming values to the world when it seems to need them most…

Blaine oversees daily marketing and distribution activities at Seven Sons Farms, a farm started by his parents in the late 1980s. What began as a strictly conventional agricultural operation turned into a regenerative pasture-based farm – with an emphasis on nutrient-dense and ethically raised foods.

Blaine is the second of seven sons, and he plays a critical role in the functionality of Seven Sons Farms. Spending most of his time managing and communicating the high-level vision of Seven Sons Farms to the founders and leadership team, Blaine is a driving force behind his family’s business practices.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What inspired Seven Sons Farms’ transition to ethical farming methods.
  • The basis of industrial agriculture, and why it is generally unhealthy to consume.
  • The role farmers play in the health of society.
  • Why it is so critical for animals to be adapted to an individual farm’s environment.

You can find out more about Seven Sons Farms by clicking here now!

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