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Sean Buchanan, co-founder of Visom Technology, Inc. (, talks in detail about the incredible AR + AI software-enabled technology that his company offers.

Visom’s mission is to enable surgery without any compromise whatsoever. By bringing together AR + AI software, Visom is innovating how surgeons can see and operate, by overlaying important images directly over patients which places crucial information surgeons need right in their easy view.

Buchanan talks about Visom’s mission in detail, discussing Augmented Reality (AR). As he explains, Visom’s technology offers a way to simplify surgery and potentially help decrease errors, 75% of which occur during the surgery. Buchanan delivers an overview of how their system works, providing information on the technology. Transitioning imagery to 3D, while challenging, will provide more thorough information than the standard 2D. He explains how pre-surgical planning can be augmented by the Visom system. By utilizing 3D holograms, surgeons can really get a better grasp of what they will be doing in surgery, before the surgery begins.

The technology guru talks about some of the partnerships and business relationships that they have engaged in, to expand and accelerate the use of their amazing technology. Buchanan provides information on how they are taking their technology to institutions that want to use it for training purposes. The technologist speaks in depth about the healthcare industry in general, discussing innovation.

The critical data that is generated and subsequently interpreted by Visom can truly provide surgeons the insight they require and assist them in making better, more informed decisions, allowing surgeons to focus on the patient. The Visom mission is to simplify healthcare through innovative technology that is easy to use, and provide mobile surgical navigation software that can be utilized anywhere.

Buchanan wraps up by talking about the future of Visom and when he expects their tech will be commercialized and opened up to the wide market in the healthcare industry.

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