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After being diagnosed with a serious mental health condition eight years ago, Dan Seidler began to track his mood at the recommendation of his psychiatrist.  The idea was that the more he could understand aspects of his experience, such as what triggers his anxiety or depression, the better he could deal with managing it, the better he could work with his mental health providers, and the better he could regulate his own behaviors in a way that could reduce his symptoms.

This mood tracking practice has brought him improved self-awareness, increased happiness, and reduced stress levels.  Though continuing to deal with life’s struggles is unavoidable, he now has a better sense of control and knows how to implement more effective coping strategies.  Seidler wants you to have access to these tools as well.  He joins the podcast today to talk about his experience and his app, Misu, an automated mood tracking tool.  Listen in to learn more.

Misu is still in closed beta, which you can obtain access to by going to  If you are too excited to wait, email Seidler at and he will bump you to the front of the line!


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