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Can exercise really help anxiety and depression? For a wide array of reasons, even a quick jog may help someone struggling with their mental health more than you may think.

Listen in to learn:

  • How to start on your exercise and mental health journey
  • Why a jog can influence your anxiety or depression
  • If journaling may help your process

Nita Sweeney, the Author of Depression Hates a Moving Target, shares her journey handling her mental health by reclaiming her physical health.

While there is a wide range of medications available for severe depression or anxiety, they may not be the best option for every individual coming to terms with their mental health. Instead, physical activity like running or jogging can have profound benefits as an alternative or in concert with prescription medication.

However, one of the cruelest aspects of anxiety and depression can be the challenges one faces when trying something new or the significant fear of failure. Despite this, even getting off of the couch and outdoors to attempt can be the first step on your path to remedying your mental health.

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