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Medtech Impact on Wellness

What is natural mental health? While overlooked by many, there are alternative solutions that can help outside the world of pharmaceuticals and in a more holistic context.

Listen up to learn:

  • Why focusing on food can make a significant impact
  • What can be observed in a patient beginning certain medications
  • Practical and helpful lifestyle measures

Henry Emmons, an author and integrative psychiatrist, shares his work in natural mental health and ensuring patients find the mental health goals for which they search.

While there are countless options in the world of medicine when attempting to diagnose and treat mental health issues, mental fitness is achievable outside of that world as well.

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With outside factors like micronutrients and various stressors, there are often alternative options to holistically address a patient’s mental health.

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Even if medication is the right choice for a patient, which is often the case, minding the nutrition and activity of the patient is also highly beneficial. However, it is crucial to keep the holistic context in mind since it can provide further and lasting benefits to improve a patient’s mental fitness and lifestyle patterns.

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