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Are Type 1 Diabetes symptoms the same as Type 2 Diabetes symptoms? Can Type 1 Diabetes treatments be applied successfully to Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Jody Stanislaw, whose Tedx Talk entitled Sugar is Not a Treat has surpassed one million views, breaks down the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Tune in to discover:

  • The connection between dietary fat and insulin resistance
  • Nutrition and fitness facts to help with effective Diabetes management
  • The ideal Type 1 Diabetes diet

Jody is a naturopathic doctor and a Certified Diabetes Educator, who specializes in training Type 1 Diabetes patients to properly adjust and administer their insulin without fear or guesswork. She also suffers from the disease herself and has since her early childhood. Unlike Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 is an irreversible auto-immune disorder. There is currently no Type 1 Diabetes cure.

Managing Type 1 Diabetes is much more complex than simply monitoring sugar intake. Hormone levels, genetics, body mass index, activity levels, and dozens of other factors actively contribute to a person’s blood sugar range each day. Contrary to popular belief, obesity is not associated with Type 1 Diabetes causes. In fact, no specific causes have been identified to date.

Jody embraces a mostly plant based food diet and educates her patients on plant-based diet benefits as well. She also acknowledges that most people will not be capable of realistically adhering to a very strict diet 100% of the time. She offers specific advice to her patients and on her website for how a Type 1 Diabetes patient can adjust their insulin and blood sugar testing in order to indulge safely for special occasions.

To learn more about Jody’s personal Diabetes journey, sign up for her classes, or try out her one-on-one services visit

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