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Diagnosed just a few weeks past her eight birthday, it wasn’t until she was an adult that she realized how isolated she had always felt as a result of being a diabetic. She and another type 1 had befriended each other, and after talking about diabetes type 1 diet and exercise types, they realized that combing forces and sharing information might help others.

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  • What she hopes to accomplish with her blog,, and podcast, Real Life Diabetes Podcast,
  • What a “day in the life” type 1 diabetes insulin regimen looks like from her perspective and what kinds of effects stress has on management, and
  • What other factors, like decision fatigue, are added in to that management and how she advises listeners to reach out for mental health support.

After several decades with type 1 diabetes, Amber Clour is more than an expert in self-management. But her knowledge has even more depth because of the research and interviews she’s done for her podcast and blog. She says that while a lot of people with type 1 are able to be discrete about management, many don’t understand that it is a 24-hour, 7-day a week, 365-days-a-year effort.

Furthermore, because the metabolism process of the human body is so different for everyone and varies under conditions like stress, there’s no one-size-fits-all care guide. This constant focus on insulin action mechanisms takes concentrated energy.

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Further, it’s important not to over treat with insulin, a potentially deadly outcome. This constant stress can also lead to mental health issues.

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“You can feel like you are alone on an island,” she says, but sharing with other people who know what it is like has made a big difference in her life, and she hopes her blog and podcast do the same for others. In addition, she has concerns that minimal direction is passed on to patients facing type 2 diabetes treatment as well.

She hopes to help educate and inform others about available resources and technology, and is starting a new series called Just the Facts, Please, which will focus on straight information sharing from an expert. 

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