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Leah Segedie, author of Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!), delivers a wealth of important information that we can all use to make smarter choices and lead healthier lives.

Leah Segedie is a passionate food activist and social media consultant. She is the founder of the Mamavation® community as well as the ShiftCon Social Media Conference. Segedie talks about her background and how she has always had an interest in being an activist. She talks about her father’s death from cancer and how that impacted her.

Segedie talks in-depth about foods and products, with a special focus on ‘indirect additives. Indirect additives actually become part of some foods, in miniscule amounts, throughout the processing and packaging of a particular food item. She discusses how these potentially harmful elements are ubiquitous in many food products on our grocer’s shelves. Segedie talks about the potential for harm, and poses the question: how many of these hormone-disrupting chemicals can we build up in our bodies before they start to have a seriously detrimental effect, and begin to disrupt our entire system?

Segedie talks about marketing and how women think. She explains why some advertising works for women and why much of it doesn’t. As she states, women want to be heard, respected, and valued, and if product makers listen to women’s input, then their brand will be championed by women.

The food activist gives her thoughts on how society can move forward, and make better choices for food, products, etc. As she states, big companies are now acquiring many smaller companies, as people have begun to be more aware of health issues. As more and more people begin to make smarter choices regarding healthy products, naturally big companies will take note when they see a decrease in their market share. And this is the best way to make change happen, and ultimately get big corporations to manufacture better, healthier, less harmful products. Segedie is extremely passionate, and she works
tirelessly to help shape products and policy, striving to create a toxin-free world for us all.


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