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Joining us today is Christy Darlington from Green Living Off Grid. Green Living Off Grid is a platform that Christy uses to teach people how to live healthier lives by cultivating homegrown vegetable gardens and utilizing renewable energy.

Self-sustainability is important to Christy, and she equips her viewers with the tools to achieve this by providing insight into the world of hydroponics, aquaponics, organic gardening, and off-grid energy solutions. 

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Click play to discover:

  • What aquaponics and hydroponics are, and their benefits.
  • The types of filtration methods that Christy uses for her gardening systems.
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  • How to build a garden watering system.
  • The resources that Christy offers with Green Living Off Grid.
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Being self-sufficient is not only important in case of emergencies, but it is also a fulfilling way to live. In this episode, Christy demonstrates what it takes to achieve this level of sustainability…

To learn more about Christy and her work with Green Living Off Grid, visit

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