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Today we chat with a world-renowned scientist: Dr. Omar A. Hurricane. Dr. Hurricane is a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in the thermonuclear and inertial confinement fusion design division. He joins us today to discuss a recent breakthrough in his lab regarding fusion.

Dr. Hurricane specializes in the area of plasma physics, which is the physics of highly ionized gasses. At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, his research focuses on high energy density physics science, weapons physics, the theory of plasmas, and plasma instability.

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Click play to learn about:

  • What fusion research involves.
  • The progress that has been made in the field of fusion science.
  • What it will take to make fusion an accessible energy source.
  • The importance of experimentation when it comes to fusion science.

The world of physics is certainly riveting – but what is actually going on? In this episode, Dr. Hurricane addresses the intricacies of physics in an engaging way that is sure to pique your interest!

Click here to learn more about Dr. Hurricane’s work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory!

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