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Tatiana Moroz, singer/songwriter and creater of TatianaCoin, discusses how crypto-tokens can be used to provide support to artists and engagement with fans, and her business Crypto Media Hub.

Tatiana Moroz, in conjunction with Token FM, is the creator of the first artist’s crypto-token, called TatianaCoin. This crypto-token allows fans to not only purchase merchandise, but also allows them to access exclusive content and features on her website. This has been such as success, that her most recent album was funded entirely through crypto. She believes that her use-case can define a new way for artists to support themselves and connect with their fans, creating the ultimate autonomy for artists. Because of her interest in cryptocurrency and bitcoin, and her unique perspective on the music industry, she founded Crypto Media Hub to help businesses and individuals expand into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

For more information or to get involved, visit and

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