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Did you know that E. coli—that feared and detested bacterium blamed for many illnesses and death—can actually be beneficial in some forms and when used in certain ways? Did you know that there’s a naturally-occurring gut bacterium that breaks down a harmful byproduct of alcohol metabolism, and that it can be consumed as a probiotic hangover cure? Or consider spider silk being brewed and enhanced in such a way as to form a durable, stretchy material that could function as a jacket. These are just a few examples of the incredible new things being accomplished in the world of synthetic biotechnology, and SynBioBeta is a company that’s working to connect academics, founders, and investors in the industry with the goal of strengthening the community and encouraging creative innovations that could change the world in countless ways.

On today’s episode, John Cumbers, founder of SynBioBeta, discusses the newest and most exciting advances in the field and what he’s doing on a daily basis to encourage them. Press play to hear the full conversation, sign up for the weekly newsletter at, and follow them on Twitter.

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