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Anyone who has been down the health aisle at their local store has seen the vast array of home health aids, including products like pre- and probiotics. Because of the diversity that exists in people, none of these mass-produced products will work for everyone who uses it.

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This means that many people will not see any specific benefits from taking these products. Sun Genomics hopes to change that by leveraging all of the scientific research written about the intestinal biome and create probiotics tailored to an individual’s gut profile or DNA sample. Simply send in a test kit from their website, and Sun Genomics will send you back a detailed report of your microbiata and a personalized probiotic that is tailored to you.

Sun Genomics has already helped individuals lead happier, healthier lives, with many success stories. Individuals can have their guts re-tested in as little as 1 month, to see if it is working. Sun Genomics is also looking to move to a clinical laboratory soon so that they can add deeper layers of analysis to the reports that they send.

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For more information, visit www.

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