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Ross Ulbricht was an idealist who wanted to provide the world with space for individuals to trade goods in a way that lived out his free-market principles, and he was excited about Bitcoin’s potential to help people achieve this while maintaining their privacy. For the creation of Silk Road, a dark web marketplace based on these principles, he has been given two life sentences plus an additional 40 years in a federal, maximum-security prison.

Lyn, Ross’ mother, discusses their past legal battles and problems with the federal government’s case, and their upcoming Supreme Court petition, which is based on two different ideas–that the federal government had no warrant or probable cause, and therefore no legal right to collect much of their evidence against him, and that sentencing from the lower court’s judge was based on an enhanced by uncharged crimes, which has denied Ross his right to a jury trial.

No matter the outcome of the petition, this case will have legal ramifications for all of cryptospace, especially regarding digital privacy. Lyn Ulbricht will also be speaking at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas February 16-18.

For more information on Ross’ case, or to donate to his legal defense, visit

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