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One of the major problems with dating apps currently is that many users don’t get quality matches, which are most times based only on photos, or because of a profile that doesn’t accurately show who the person is. Loly hopes to change that by using artificial intelligence to match users based on their compatibility, which is determined through a combination of uploaded photos, profile, and results of quizzes that users can take to receive tokens and boost their profile.

Users are never rated individually, only as a potential partner. Loly also includes a sexual consent app that records consent both before and after the encounter. It will also passively listen for a user’s safeword, in order to help them out of uncomfortable or frightening situations. All of this information is stored on the blockchain, and encrypted on a user’s phone.

This way, data is both safe and immutable for the purposes of determining matches through AI. Augmented reality is used at live events, with a “Heat Index” that shows you potential matches at the event. Loly is currently in beta and hopes to be available on February 14th, the same day that their fully compliant token sale begins.

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