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Out of the 100 million people in the U.

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S. who snore, more than half of them have sleep apnea, a condition which causes the cessation of breathing up to hundreds of times per night during sleep. In addition, snoring itself is a gateway to sleep apnea, meaning that most people who snore regularly are at risk of developing sleep apnea.

Dr. Jay Khorsandi is a general dentist and snoring and sleep expert who joins the show today to discuss the causes and effects of snoring, and how age and weight contribute to sleep apnea and poor overall sleep health.

He also discusses his approach to diagnosing and formulating individualized plans for the treatment of different snoring and sleep issues. This approach begins in the patient’s home rather than the clinical environment of a sleep lab.

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He explains why this is beneficial and what type of information he is able to gather.

Tune in to discover:

  • Why people tend to dream more when they breathe better during sleep
  • How a laser can be used to treat snoring and breathing problems in a non-invasive, quick, and effective way
  • How snoring progresses through stages to ultimately become sleep apnea


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