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Small, medium, large, soft, firm; when it comes to finding a pillow that works for us, these adjectives are pretty much all we have to work with. For this reason, it can be difficult if not impossible to find a pillow that properly supports your head, neck, and shoulders and retains its integrity over time. After years of dealing with this problem, serial entrepreneur Richard Jacobs decided to do something which had never been done before: design the world’s first custom-tailored pillow that is both simple and sensical, as well as easy for a person to get.

No complicated measurements or calculations are necessary: all that’s required is a picture or two of your upper body, which can be sent through The Good Night’s Sleep Project app. From there, you can just sit back and wait for your custom-tailored pillow to arrive. With the use of AI computer vision, 14 measurements will be extracted from your photos and serve as a guideline for the creation of a pillow that’s completely unique to you.

Tune in to learn about all the details and more, including:

    • How and why the wrong pillow could be contributing to your sleep apnea or snoring
    • How the wear on a mattress over time can actually impact the shape of your pillow, and how the custom-tailored pillow accounts for this
    • How the right pillow could be the solution to a variety of sleeping problems

Visit to learn more and order one for yourself.

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