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In this podcast, Dr. Katharina Lederle, a noted sleep and fatigue specialist at Somnia, provides a detailed overview of the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Lederle’s company, Somnia, seeks to educate the public and offer skills that can help people improve their sleep quality. Achieving better sleep can result in a significantly happier, healthier life. Somnia’s program works to resolve sleep problems and improve overall sleep habits. Dr. Lederle and her team of sleep specialists provide individualized services, including one-on-one private consultations designed to analyze an individual’s sleep problems and generate solutions.

Dr. Lederle grew up in a rural area near an army base, and the sounds of helicopters offered her a comfortable auditory background for optimum sleeping. But her dad had a totally different reaction, and this intrigued her, which may have ultimately led to her career in the study and improvement of sleep.

Dr. Lederle goes into detail about sleep cycles and she explains chronotypes, which are the behavioral presentation of one’s internal circadian rhythms. A particular chronotype is one’s desire to sleep and sleep better, at a particular time during a 24-hour cycle. As Dr. Lederle explains, everyone needs to discover their own chronotype and avoid input from society on this matter, because everyone has their own ideal chronotype that works best for them.

Dr. Lederle discusses sensitivity to light, and how light affects our internal body clocks. As she states, we are designed to sleep through the night and work in daylight hours, because our abilities in regard to night vision are quite poor by comparison.

Dr. Lederle uses her wide base of sleep knowledge and a hands-on approach, combined with her years of practical experience in sleep science and sleep therapy to help people feel better and get the quality sleep they need.

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