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Sandeep Jain, MD, FCCP, pulmonary and sleep medicine specialist, as well as the founder of ListenMD, discusses sleep issues and disorders, and the technology that is helping patients who suffer to get the care they need.

ListenMD is an intelligent, innovative universal health care communication platform centered on patients that have been specifically designed for doctors and nurses, their staff, caregivers and patients alike.

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The platform minimizes tedious tasks and expands a doctor’s time while improving care, and—saving money. The HIPAA compliant messaging app is easy to use and it allows a patient to control access and view their appointments with physicians or other healthcare providers. More information can be found online at Since the dawn of medical records, maintaining accurate information has been challenging. Jain discusses ways that ListenMD can help.

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As Jain explains, patients are now able to use their app to put them in the center of the data collection process, which improves their chances for better health.

Jain stresses the importance of communication in health care, especially in regard to sleep. Regarding patient care, Jain states that patients need to be looked in the eye and talked to directly so they can get the attention they deserve. Jain talks about obesity rates, how they are increasing, and thus—so is apnea.

Jain talks about the advances in auto-titrating CPAP devices used by some patients with sleep issues. He explains how the technology can vary the pressure and deliver the best breathing possible for each patient, tailored to their daily needs.

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CPAP is an acronym that stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy. CPAP is a useful treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. A CPAP machine contains a hose and mask, or sometimes a nosepiece, and it can deliver a steady air pressure to control breathing and keep it regulated.

Finally, Dr. Jain provides some real advice for those who are concerned that they may have a sleep disorder, and what they can do about it. And he underscores the importance of quality sleep, and the dangers we face in our daily environment if we are performing activities, especially driving or operating machinery, when sleep deprived.

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