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Gabriel Rene, an architect of the spatial web, director of VERSES Foundation (, delivers an overview of the current state of technology, including AI and product interfaces as we move to a Web 3.0 world.

Gabriel Rene is excited about technology. As an experienced deep technology entrepreneur and researcher, he has been a leader in the technology, telecom, and entertainment industries for over 25 years. Rene has helmed innovative tech companies, and has been instrumental in developing consumer software. He has advised many leading industry brands including Verizon, Sony, Coca-Cola, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Universal, Boost Mobile, Conde Naste, Elle Magazine and even the Obama Campaign.

Rene talks about the history of humans and our relationship to information, transitions, and experiences. He provides his thoughts on evolution and the progression of man in regard to communication, from early years all the way up to the computer revolution that is now powering a multi-trillion dollar economy progressing through Web 2.0 developments. Web 2.0 refers to websites that push user-generated content, simplify use, etc. As the web develops, Rene states that we are moving toward spatial web.

Rene explains how the current AI boom will transition everything in our world into smart, autonomous, and self-programming products and devices. Blockchain and cloud-enabled systems and services will be able to support a secure data layer, and new virtual as well as augmented reality eyewear advancements will provide an opportunity to truly interface with an exciting, digitally-mapped, changing world, bursting with visual imagery and details never before seen.
Rene’s company, VERSES, is a non-profit foundation that is producing the universal protocols and standards for the next-generation web. No longer tied to a page, the Spatial Web will exist freely, as a single, worldwide network that can creatively link people, places, and things—in the virtual and physical realms—and enable flowing interaction, transaction, as well as full and immersive navigation between them for a more advanced way to experience our daily lives.

Rene discusses the many regulatory issues surrounding data and privacy, etc. In Web 3.0, he states, the risks must be mitigated, and security must be built in to protect privacy, etc. He explains that a type of digital force field will be utilized to implement protections and securities for all of our products within our space, to control the information that is going out. Ultimately, as Rene states, much regulation will be needed, and that we will need to hold our elected officials accountable to implement laws that can help us all to enjoy the technological advances while keeping our privacy secure.

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