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One of the biggest problems today in cryptocurrency and blockchain is how to provide simpler ways to protect user’s private keys, while still providing them with a simple and easy customer experience. Rivetz believes that these things go hand-in-hand, and has designed a hardware-based identity model coupled with the ability of blockchain to provide immutable verification of the cybersecurity ecosystem, using the chips that are already in your devices.

Doing this not only increases the value to the user but also increases the value of the data that is written to the blockchain. On their roadmap for this year is the release of developer tools through their website, a wallet, and more.

Steven further discusses with us his thoughts on how to simplify the user experience without making sacrifices to security, the current state of cryptospace and its relationship to previous cybersecurity implementation, what he sees as a new worldwide e-commerce economic model, and the future of security for the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces.

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